Dr. Drew vs the Celiac

By now, you may have heard the rumblings of how offensive Dr. Drew was last week.
Imagine being in Jennifer Esposito’s shoes, having to defend your symptoms on national tv!

Special thanks to Nikki at “Gluten Free Kids Rock!” for allowing me to re-post from her blog. Watch the video and the responses she shares below:


I think I was mildly annoyed through most of the interview, until the very end. And then, my biggest pet peeve happened when Dr. Drew said something like “Well, it looks like you’re doing better now” The irony is Jennifer Esposito is discussing through the entire segment how difficult it is when she doesn’t always “look” sick, therefore people tend not to understand the severity of her symptoms. Does she look “frustrated”, Dr. Drew? Does she look this short clip will go viral? Because I don’t think you won any viewers over with the close minded interrogation you put Jennifer through.

Hang in there, Celiacs! Remember you are not alone.


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2 responses to “Dr. Drew vs the Celiac”

  1. Shawna says :

    I could not believe Dr. Drew…”what kind of blood test, what kind of blood test”……He wouldn’t know about the IgG test anyway…He just proved that conventional medicine has not quite caught up yet…..Oh, and by the way Drew….leaky gut does not translate to leaky butt…….

  2. karen breen says :

    Wow! How ignorant could Dr. Drew have acted? I won’t be watching him again. Jennifer is a great lady to put up with such ignorance in order to give voice to this debilitating and often misunderstood illness.

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